About us

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment."

aboutPuente Marítimo is a global provider of logistic services and transport, strategically located in the Port of Valencia, regarded as the most important port of the Mediterranean Sea and the fourth one in Europe.

The Company has been built from the experience of many years in this industry. Therefore, we are able to provide both the best maritime services and logistic solutions, always taking into account our customers desires and interests, with dedication, compromise and flexibility.

Thanks to our well-trained staff we cover all logistic operations during the loading and unloading of goods. We are present in many countries, where our agents are working on time with the headquarters office, monitoring all process and caring about every single detail, for a guarantee that the ship and goods arrives following the terms accorded.

Puente Maritimo has a strong partnership with shipping companies and sea freight companies from all over the world, which allows to increase our operational area and, consequently, advice and execute all cargoes with total commitment at the success of every sending.

Our Mission

Serving the shipping industry with utmost professionalism and dedication. We became trusted advisor and build relationships based on reliability, and always focused on individual customer´s needs.

Puente Maritimo´s team brings experience and attention to detail helping our customers to save time and money, since we also take care of all the costly back office workload.

Our professionalism ensures the success in meeting our clients’ needs.

Our Vision

We believe that continuous evolution, modernization, learning and adaptation are necessary for development, growth and maintaining the pioneering position on the local and foreign levels.

A detailed study of the available opportunities. The Group feels that the successful performance is a result of a clear vision, effective management and competent individuals. Being focused, well directed and a far-sighted organization, Puente Marítimo strongly believes in the long-term business opportunities and growth in all its ventures.

The succeed of our Company is bases on a good direction and a future vision.

Our Policy

Integrity, quality, commitment and innovation;

This is the way to define our business.

The policy of Puente Marítimo is to be high flexible and offer our customers tailor-made solutions for services and resources to meet industry and client demand, as we understand that the only way to keep our clients satisfied is to ensure that safety and quality are given highest priority.

The confidence that our clients have placed in Puente Maritimo is the result of a clear vision of the industry, the effective management and professionalism.